Water Features

The rushing sounds of a waterfall, the serenity of a babbling brook or the majesty of a formal fountain can be the centerpiece or the finishing touch to your personal paradise. The expert designers at Green Planet Landscaping wll design and install breathtaking water features that will inspire your family and make your friends and neighbors blissfully envious. From spascapes to ponds, GPL utilizes the therapeutic, relaxing and often romantic effects of water.

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Fountains have inspired people since ancient Greece. They capture are wishes, influence poetry, and if executed properly can create a euphoric environment for those in it’s presence. Just like our fore-bearers, the expert designers at Green Planet Landscaping have set out on a quest to create the most perfect and inspiring fountains ever seen.

So, no matter your dream we will make it reality and design a budget that makes since to you.

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Ponds occur in nature and are beautiful natural concurring water features. The designers at Green Planet Landscaping, as you can imagine, love the outdoors and have studied it’s beauty taking notes on how ponds work and what makes them so special. The learned designers at Green Planet, take their experience and love for nature to our client’s yards and implement our ponds in such away that mother nature has personally gave Damon Lang a high five!

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Water features

Water and Fire

Water and fire are two of the most essential elements in life. Although, fire and water don’t always mix, in fact, typical if mixed the fire is put out and a stream of smoke is all that is left where the once lively fire flourished. But that isn’t necessarily true any more, with modern feature installation techniques, the once mystifying trick is now – possible.

And needless to say, it looks AWESOME!

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