Green Planet Landscaping has the ability to enhance the appearance and functionality of any outdoor living space with a wide variety of elements. Working in harmony with you, GPL can install any walkway, path, retaining wall, patio or driveway imaginable. Travertine pavers, Brick pavers Stamped concrete, block, brick and stone are just a few examples of the almost limitless selection of surfaces we offer.


When we design a patio for our customers, we take the time to ask and understand what you will be using the space for. Whether, you want to entertain hundreds of party guests, relax with your family, embrace a seclusive environment with your significant other or enjoy a nice cup of aromatic coffee in the morning, which will only be matched by the breathtaking aroma and visual appeal of your new backyard.

No matter your dream, we will make it reality and design a budget that makes since to you.


Designing a walkway is seemingly a simple task. Designing a walkway that takes your breath away is another feet all together. At Green Planet Landscaping we do just that, we take a seemingly simple element and make it extraordinary.

Let our award winning designers take your breath away with our design skills.

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Adding different elevations to your yard adds depth and makes your yard exceedingly interesting. One of the best ways to make your yard seem larger is add elevated patios, but what how do you get to the your new patio all the way up there?? Stairs.. Stairs are our friend and they look great when implemented in an interesting way.

We love adding elevations and elevating your yard with an intriguing design and by implementing unique materials. Materials like slate, travertine, pavers, stamped concrete, and more.. Much more.

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