Outdoor Kitchens

Whether it is Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall – anytime is a great time to enjoy a outside kitchen. No matter if you’re flipping burgers for your friends on July 4th, Barbecuing the Thanksgiving turkey or getting some smelling the roses on the first of Spring. We love outdoor kitchens and you will too.

So what makes an outdoor kitchen – an outdoor kitchen. First you need somewhere to prep food, somewhere like a counter top. Next we need somewhere to cook the food – THE GRILL.. And last but not least, we need somewhere to eat.. So dig in and see why we are the masters of all things outdoor kitchens.

Counter Tops

We believe counter tops have more to offer than simply providing a place for us to prepare our food. In fact the expert designers at Green Planet Landscaping have gave a entirely new meaning to how people perceive counters.

Let us add, as Emeril Lagasse so powerfully says: A little BAM!!!!” to your outdoor kitchen. Choose any material you like, such as: Quartz Countertops, Polished Granite Countertops, Wood Countertops (synthetic is recommended if you live in the desert), Marble Countertops, Honed Granite Countertops, Stainless Steel Countertops, Recycled Countertops, Concrete Countertops, Soapstone Countertops, Travertine Countertops, and Tile Countertops – just to name a few of our favorites.

Grills aka Barbecues

Grills are the KING of outdoor kitchens, and they know it.

Whether, your a charcoal grill, gas grill, natural gas grill, fire pit grill, or smoker grill kind of guy or gal. We design kitchen space around the grill you want to feature and fully customize it to be functional for any type of cooking you may be doing.

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Seating Areas

When we set out to design the perfect outdoor kitchens. We first establish what our customers will be using the space for. Are you having parties for multiple guest or grilling for the family on weekends. Will you be using the space at night (you may want to think about lighting..), around the pool or both. We take all of these factors and more into account when designing.

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