Fire Features

Since the invention of fire, man has been in awe of it’s power and beauty. Fire provides light, warmth, and cooks our food. With modern science, this once magical and mysterious element can now be harnessed and controlled. With this new found ability come FIRE FEATURES… (One of our all time favorite parts of the yard). Whether we are designing and building fireplaces, fire pits, barbecues, pizza ovens, and fire and water features. So of course, the expert designers at Green Planet Landscaping have sought out to change the game, again. They have set the bar pretty high with their work and intend to keep on shocking their customers with their unique designs.
Fire features


Contemporary fireplaces, Fab Chic fireplaces, Modern fireplaces, Industrial fireplaces, Rustic fireplaces, Art Deco fireplaces, Art Nouveau fireplaces, Romantic fireplaces.. O my…(deep breaths) Name the style, and our designers can make it happen. We design each fireplace specifically for you and tailor it to fit perfectly in your outdoor living room. Because let’s face it, who wants to be cooped up inside during the winter, just because it’s a little chilly outside. Just flip the switch and start your roaring outside fireplace. Then set down an cuddle up with a glass of Merlot.

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Fire Pits

Nothing sounds better than having some friends and family over the house, during the winter and kicking back around the FIRE PIT.. Sounds fun, huh!? Just the name “Fire Pit” has a certain ring to it. It just sounds cool. Yet, will keep you the exact opposite during the winter when you’re kicking back with your friends, pointing out the constellations, laughing about fond memories, and making new ones.

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Barbecues, as we mention in the outdoor kitchens sections, are the KING of the outdoor kitchen, and they know it.

Whether, you’re a charcoal grill, gas grill, natural gas grill, fire pit grill, or smoker grill kind of guy or gal. We design kitchen space around the grill you want to feature and fully customize it to be functional for any type of cooking you may be doing.

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